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Tarot Card Meanings - The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, or trump cards of the Tarot deck, describe values, character, situations, trends, and sometimes people. These are influences the Fool encounters along his journey. An index of the Major Arcana cards and their elemental dignities is below. Click the next link on a card to continue through the deck.

0 The Fool
Air Uranus
1 The Magician
Air/Earth Mercury
2 The High Priestess
Water Moon
3 The Empress
Earth Venus
4 The Emperor
Fire Mars
5 The Hierophant
Earth Taurus
6 The Lovers
Air Gemini
7 The Chariot
Water Cancer
8 Strength
Fire Leo
9 The Hermit
Earth Virgo
10 Wheel Of Fortune
Fire/Water Jupiter
11 Justice
Air Libra
12 The Hanged Man
Water Neptune
13 Death
Water Scorpio
14 Temperance
Fire Sagittarius
15 The Devil
Earth Capricorn
16 The Tower
Fire/Water Mars
17 The Star
Air Aquarius
18 The Moon
Water Pisces
19 The Sun
Fire Sun
20 Judgement
Water/Fire Pluto
21 The World
Earth/Air Saturn

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