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The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

Ten of Pentacles Tarot card


The achievements of a lifetime. That which is permanent and may be passed on to future generations. The family business. Fortune. Heirlooms. Estates. But also traditions, ancestry, the family name. Wanting to ensure the security, comfort and preservation of the family. This card may be an indication of a coming inheritance, perhaps as the heir, or perhaps as the executor. A card of stable wealth, and also a card of heritage.


The reverse of the upright meaning. Members of the future generation care not for family traditions or ancestors. There is no inheritance, or it is wasted by spendthrift heirs. Greedy family members battling and bickering over the estate, only to find it consumed by debts and taxes. Also, the reversed aspect may represent alienation from the family.


Element: Earth

The Tens relate to reaping the rewards. Attainment, achievement, fulfillment

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