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The Two of Pentacles Tarot Card

Two of Pentacles Tarot card


Juggling, just like it looks. Keeping things in balance. Look past the juggler to the ships out at sea. He is working hard to keep things going until his ship comes in. He may need to spend some time with his partner or his family, to try and balance his life a bit better. His ship is in rough seas, but things will work out well for him if he doesn’t drop the ball. Traditionally, obstacles, agitation, trouble.


The conflicting demands are too intense. He cannot maintain balance any longer. He drops the Pentacle. He may try to cover up the problem with false gaiety. This aspect may also suggest that the subject’s work involves the written word, perhaps advertising or journalism. Traditionally, writing, letters, paperwork, messages, financial problems, false gaiety.


Element: Earth

The Twos relate to Choices and Balance

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