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The King of Swords Tarot Card

King of Swords Tarot card


The Kingdom of Swords embodies character, principles, intellect and communication. Honest, strict, intelligent, the King of Swords is fair and balanced, but unyielding. When representing a person, he might be a judge, military officer, police officer or physician. Someone of high ethics who backs his words with actions. This card may suggest critical analysis of literary or legal documents, or technical writing. Traditionally, judgment, command, authority, law, militarism, power.


The reversed King of Swords may take strictness to the extreme. He may be unsympathetic, uncaring, heartless. Excessively harsh penalties could be based on anger or vindictiveness. Possibly blind conservatism that blocks progress. In some cases, this curmudgeonly behavior might be a result of oncoming senility. Uncertainty or inability to make decisions could also be suggested. Traditionally, cruelty, perversity, inhumanity, barbarity, evil intentions.


Element: Air

The Kings relate to fatherhood, patriarchal authority, management and competence

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