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The Knight of Cups Tarot Card

Knight of Cups Tarot card


A gentle, caring lover and friend. Sensitive and affectionate. A writer of poems and songs. Thoughtful. Chivalrous. Creative and artistic. Prone to be a dreamer. The Knight of Cups may suggest a proposal is coming. If the context is personal, perhaps it is a good time to focus on artistic and creative endeavors. As with all Knights, a harbinger of travel. In this case, the travel is over water. Perhaps a cruise or a river rafting trip. Traditionally, seduction, charm, proposal, attraction, union.


Repressed or hidden homosexuality is possible. Fear of commitment. Moodiness. Cynicism. Withdrawal. Insecurity. A musician who doesn’t show up for his concert. Evasive. Unhappy. Impossible to please. Beware of travel over water. Traditionally, cheating, trickery, treachery, slander.


Element: Water

The Knights relate to energy, travel, adventure, aggression and goals

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