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The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Knight of Pentacles Tarot card


A person of integrity. Someone who can be counted on. A closer. Dependable. Self sufficient. Conscientious. Persistent. The Knights represent travel, and this Knight in particular suggests travel over natural terrain on foot or by off-road vehicle. Traditionally, interesting, attractive, beneficial, important, helpful, successful.


A workaholic. Focused on advancement and success in the material world, while ignoring the emotional and aesthetic elements of life. Turned inward, perhaps due to excessive devotion to a pursuit such as writing, exercise or meditation. As a result, uninterested in others and apparently boring to them. However, some see this aspect more in the traditional light... burned out, inactive, unwilling to work hard. Traditionally apathetic, stagnant, indolent, discouraged.


Element: Earth

The Knights relate to energy, travel, adventure, aggression and goals

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