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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot card


Revelation. Positive transformation. Progress. Understanding that which is already known. Appreciating that which is already available. Clever. Focused. Diplomatic. Interesting. Note the symbol of infinity representing the heights of achievement possible. The Magician is the facilitator of the Tarot deck. Enabling the subject to utilize their talents and abilities to better advantage. A salesman who sells you on yourself. At his worst, a bit conniving and manipulative. In readings where the Magician represents the subject, heightened communications skills and persuasiveness are also suggested. When representing another, pay close attention. Remember that although the Magician is usually an agent of progress and growth, he is also capable of trickery and deception.


Low self esteem. Problems communicating. Options are lacking. Progress is difficult, and opportunities overlooked. Sometimes overconfidence or poor planning that obscure understanding. Inability to utilize the tools available. Reversed, the persuasive powers of the Magician may result in self deception. Traditionally, a con man, user, phony. Also, take care to protect against head injuries.


Element: Air/Earth

Zodiac: Mercury

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