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The Page of Cups Tarot Card

Page of Cups Tarot card


A message regarding love or relationship. Possibly news of an engagement or pregnancy. The Pages commonly represent children. The Page, or Princess, of Cups is the affectionate, sensitive, loving, but vulnerable child. When the subject is an adult, this card may suggest that they are feeling some of that sensitivity and vulnerability. If the subject is a child, as with any child they will achieve and develop best in a supportive, nurturing environment. But this child may need a little bit of extra recognition and appreciation. With it, they can achieve great things. Traditionally, helpful, innocent, loyal, studious.


Bad news about love or relationship. Oversensitivity. Overcompensation. Needy of reassurance. Possibly prone to use sexuality and seduction to attract or retain friendships. It may also represent a person who has been hurt in the past and is withdrawn as a result. When the subject is a child, it may suggest imaginary worlds and imaginary friends. Traditionally, weakness, heartache, adoration, supplication.


Element: Water

The Pages relate to messengers, children, openness, risk takers

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