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The Page of Swords Tarot Card

Page of Swords Tarot card


Alertness. Readiness. Espionage or surveillance. Studying the situation. Possibly defensiveness. Awaiting something with expectation. Often this card foretells the coming of an important message regarding a difficult or complex issue. Perhaps the message contains the solution. In the upright, the news is often good. Also, note the sword carried by the Page. Caution with sharp objects such as scissors or knives is suggested.


Reversed, the Page is not someone to confide in. Often a liar or a gossip. Transitory communication problems are suggested. Errors in written documents, hesitation or difficulty speaking may occur. It may also represent someone who has been mistreated as a child and feels beaten down and insecure. Nevertheless, the Page reversed can be spiteful and cutting. This aspect also represents important news, but in this case it is less likely to be good.


Element: Air

The Pages relate to messengers, children, openness, risk takers

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