Your Mandala Spread



Your Self Overall

Page of Cups

New business opportunities arise. An overactive imagination.

Your Ambitions, Desires and Primal Urges

Page of Pentacles Reversed

Loss and overindulgence. Preoccupation with worldly possessions. Bad news may be on the horizon.

Your Ideals, Goals, Path to Spiritual Contentment

The Empress Reversed

This card represents infertility, instability and the loss of material possessions.

Your Real Accomplishments and True Path

The Devil

This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world.

Your Dependencies, Addictions and Erroneous Values

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Chance is not presently favorable. Loss is possible and bravery is required.

Your Strengths and Positive Personality Traits

The Tower Reversed

The attainment of physical and spiritual freedom at great cost.

Your Faults and Weaknesses

Two of Cups Reversed

Folly, misunderstanding and false love are possible.

Your Self Awareness and Self-Image

Three of Wands

Hope, strength and world power will be realized. Arrogance is your enemy. Partnerships may bring your hopes to a good end.

Your Desires, and Higher Purpose

The Hermit Reversed

The reversed Hermit hears the truth but will not listen. He is immature, callow and rife with vices.

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