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Free Tarot Readings - Tetraktys Spread

Tetraktys Tarot Spread

Immediately below is your Tetraktys Spread with the cards in position. Below that are details about the symbolism of each position and the meaning of each card. Click a card for additional details about its meaning.
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The Fire Card represents your creative force, will, and ambition.

Ten of Swords Reversed

Evil will be defeated. Courage is needed to face challenges. Develop your spiritual self.



The Air Card Your current strategies and thoughts concerning your goals

Three of Cups

Good luck and success are possible. Pleasure is likely.



The Water Card explores your emotional self.

Four of Pentacles Reversed

Gain is hindered by obstacles.



The Earth Card concerns how you dealing with everyday life.

Eight of Swords Reversed

Fresh starts are possible.



The Creator Card explores that which drives you in new directions.

Seven of Cups

Deception, an overactive imagination, and the illusion of success. Strengths are not consolidated to work as one.



The Sustainer Card depicts that which helping you remain balanced and healthy.

Six of Pentacles

Material gain, charity and justice are at the forefront. That which is earned will be given.



The Destroyer Card identifies that which must be jettisoned, so you can move forward.

Two of Cups Reversed

Folly, misunderstanding and false love are possible.



The Light Card represents the cosmic force which is guiding you towards fulfillment.

Five of Wands Reversed

Obstacles to success will be overcome. New ventures are on the horizon.



The Dark Card represents the cosmic reaction to your being.

The Hanged Man Reversed

The card of false prophecy and time wasted. The reversed Hanged Man represents a preoccupation with the worldly and wasted energy.



The Premise represents the factors that form the the foundation for the entire spread.

The Empress Reversed

This card represents infertility, instability and the loss of material possessions.



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